We’re still here.

I was looking at my last blog post and was amazed by what has occurred in our family life since then. It’s been 9 months and during those nine months we decided to put our house on the market, sold our house, bought a new house across the bay, Emma and Kolbe switched schools, and we got a dog.

The end.

Looking back at it all, I really can’t believe all that occurred in such a short amount of time. A year ago, Dan started a new job and he had to commute every day across the bay, spending almost 2 hours in the car every day. We would occasionally discuss the idea of moving, but Emma and Kolbe were happy at school, we loved our house and put so much work into it, AND we had a newborn. So moving= crazy.  But the idea remained on our hearts and we kept praying, talking and trusting. I started looking at homes online and pinning articles with tips on how to have your house on the market when you have  4 young children…didn’t find many. We moved forward with our idea and in October we began to prep our home for the market. In November, we had an offer and  found a new home. We closed on both houses on December 23. Yep. Crazy. And the first thing that we set up in our new home was our Christmas tree! It was up before the moving truck arrived. Even crazier. #priorities


Emma and Kolbe started at their new schools in January. They did a wonderful job adjusting to their new schools, we were very proud of them. And yes, it did help that they both had cousins in their new classes. Huge blessing!

And then we celebrated some birthdays…(Dan and I turned 30!)


…and surprised the kids with a puppy. Emma named her Stella. I will write more on her later.



So, we are still here. Just busy cleaning up spilled cheerios, house-training a dog, potty training a 3 year old, and playing dinos and fairies. I hope to share more pictures, house projects, and random thoughts. Summer is almost over and we are preparing Emma for 2nd grade and Kolbe for Kindergarten! Can’t believe it.

Stay tuned.



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  1. Wow, you are amazing!!! So glad to hear this update and so glad the transition was good!

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