Weekends and Weddings

I love the weekends, especially when Dan doesn’t have any work events that he has to be at. This past weekend we got to have lots of family time and it was such a gift.


We got to go to a family friend’s wedding. It was so special because the bride’s family and my family were neighbors in NC and my sister and the bride were best buds growing up.


Now this family lives down the road from my parents in Fairhope, AL. God works in mysterious ways and it was so weird to see worlds collide this weekend, watching my parents with their close friends from Winston and their new friends in Fairhope. The wedding was so beautiful and holy. It was obvious that Mary and Sam put a lot of thought and prayer into the ceremony and it was such an incredible witness of God’s love.

Kolbe fell asleep on the pew before the Mass even started and Emma was out by the first reading. Joshua on the the other hand was very busy. I was back and forth from the cry room multiple times. While the vows were being said, I was standing and bouncing him at the end of an aisle and he started to cry out. I was too far from the cry room and I looked over and saw the storage room door was cracked open and I thought “why not.” Joshua enjoyed pointing at all of the toilet paper and candle holders. Lauren in the church closet with a toddler and a vacuum. You never know.

The reception was wonderful and our kids had a blast. Joshua was thrilled to be free and took full advantage. I would put him down and he would instantly run the opposite direction.  Dan got a kick out of watching me chase after him while wearing heels and he made sure to tell me. And then I made sure to reply by making fun of his bum knee. The wedding fun eventually wore Joshua out, along with a few others.


One of our old youth minister’s from my family’s parish in Winston was there with his family. They now have five beautiful children and Emma, especially, loved playing with their girls. It was wild watching them dance and giggle together. I remember working with John one summer during college and I would keep him up to date on my new relationship with Dan and  now here we were this weekend, watching our daughters spend every moment they had  together. It was awesome.



Let’s see, what else?…

Because Kolbe just got his first haircut at a barber shop,


And because it was a beautiful Saturday morning and the kids were bathed to look nice for the wedding, we attempted to get a picture taken for our Christmas card…you know how that usually turns out…we got some o.k. shots, but this one of Emma cracked me up:


 And this one too…


Now it’s Monday afternoon. Emma did not want to go back to school and Dan felt the same way about work. I am definitely avoiding the pile of laundry from the busy weekend. Kolbe is still in his pajamas. Joshua has on new clothes and that is only because he thought it would be fun to go through the trash and the sprinkle old coffee grounds around  the living room. How can a toddler come up with such crazy ideas while his mommy is just in the other room? I think it’s his way of trying to help me…he knew I needed to vacuum today and he was just making sure it would get done. Riiiiiiight.

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