Valentine Ramblings…a few days late

Last week Emma and I decorated a shoe box for her to take in to school for Valentine’s Day. Life has been so busy and I hadn’t put much thought into this little holiday but I have to say that decorating that box was so fun and I was getting all giddy and maybe for a minute forgot that it was for her to get Valentines…and not me. I mean look at this precious box:


While making this box I had a flashback to being in second grade and we all decorated white lunch bags to hold our valentines. The teacher taped them on on the wall around the room and we had to put a valentine in each bag. Well this one boy, who was the class clown and always getting into trouble, apparently had a “crush” on me. The quiet and shy girl. So he had made me multiple valentines and filled my bag to the brim. The bag was so heavy that it broke and fell to the floor. I was mortified. Yes, you can be mortified when you are 8. Moving on.

Kolbe watched Emma get into the valentine spirit and wanted to make some too. It was almost time for bed, but he flashed his sweet little grin and asked if I would help make him a Valentine for Daddy. I couldn’t say no to that. So we got to work and then he turned to Emma and said, “Now go distract Daddy!” Off Emma went, but she returned a few minutes later. “I can’t distract him much longer!” And Kolbe then replied, “Well, go tell him a joke!”  A minute later I could hear Emma in the other room, “Daddy! knock knock…”

On Thursday I got to go get my haircut. I LOVE getting a haircut, and I was looking forward to it all week. While there, the hair stylist asked if I had any big valentine date plans. I told her that I did, that night I was planning on going to a marriage date night at my church and  that my parents were going to speaking about love and marriage!…..”oh! how fun…..”  was her response…It didn’t dawn on me until that moment that might have sounded a little weird for a valentine’s date.  I mean doesn’t everyone want to have a romantic date night out  listening to their parents love story???….And just so you know it really was fun! The dinner was delicious and it was great to spend time with other couples from our parish. And I loved listening to my parents tell their story.


When Friday finally came around, Emma could hardly stand it, she was so excited to give out her valentines. (They were disney princess and came with little paper bookmark-rulers, so cool and very practical…) We of course were running late and and all three kids ate their chocolate for breakfast. Every Friday is crazy trying to get out the door because the boys and I join Emma at her school Mass. Well throw in some valentine breakfast chocolate and things were even crazier. But we made it! And Joshua decided to make this scream/whine noise the entire time. Every time I tried to sit down, the whine got louder, so I stood in the side aisle the entire Mass, trying to also make eyes at Emma and Kolbe every time they started whispering. A friend of mine reminded me after that the more difficult the Mass might be with young children, the more grace that comes from being there.  Amen. Not that I felt it or anything, but her encouragement is a testament to how stressed and exhausted I must have looked!

The rest of the day was great and Emma brought home lots of candy that she graciously shared with her adoring brothers. We spent the evening by going to our first Mardi Gras parade. Well, our first since I was pregnant with Emma- so 6 years ago. And yes I know we live in Mobile and that the parades happen every year… The kids loved the floats and they were shocked when the beads and footballs were thrown at them. BONUS. For Dan and I, the best part of the parade was viewing it from the yard of the Chancery. It was awesome to have the kids contained behind the iron fence. They could run and play while we waited for the parade to start and they had a blast.  And Joshua even had a great time waving at the floats with our Archbishop. So hopefully it will not be another 6 years before our next parade!





The weekend was spent celebrating birthdays and baptisms and spending time with sweet friends so I could go on with more stories but…since I started this post last Thursday and it is now Tuesday of the following week…I should probably just hit publish and move on. But before I do, I have to give a birthday shout out to my dear friend…


Happy Birthday Sheena!  So grateful for your friendship and love watching our kids grow up together! Hope you have a fantastic day! We love you!

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