Unsung Heroes

I know it’s been awhile since I blogged, but we are still here, and loving this wonderful and chaotic life we have been blessed with. I decided to visit my little blog again this morning to share about my family’s new ministry (and Dan’s new job)! Almost a year ago, a conversation started with my parents and siblings about the possibility of creating a new company- one that created video projects that spread the message of the good, true, and beautiful. We wanted  to do our part to help bring light to our culture today.


We all continued to pray about something that just seemed like an idea or distant dream, but the Holy Spirit was moving and things began to fall into place! At the beginning of the summer the company began and Dan decided to leave his position at the archdiocese to become the Creative Director for 4PM Media.

Why am I sharing all of this today?  Because today one of the first projects is being launched! Dan partnered with Jeremy Mayfield, the founder of Unsung. Unsung is a ministry that has a goal of telling the untold stories of unsung heroes. I am sure every one of us could think of a person that we have encountered in our lives whose story deserves to be brought to light. Please watch Charles Graham’s story and pass it along!! unsunglife.com

And why 4PM and what are some of the other projects? Well, click on over and see!  4pmmedia.com


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