The Year of the Dinosaurs

On Friday we found out that Kolbe had the flu. When the nurse called with the positive result, I immediately flashed 

back to when Kolbe was in the hospital with the flu and pneumonia about a year and a half ago. Definitely did not want to repeat that experience. Thankfully he is already on the mend! And so far the other two seem fine.

So we spent the weekend at home, resting and watch lots of “Dinosaur Train”. While sitting with kids, watching these episodes again, I started to reflect on all of the dinosaur knowledge that I have gained over the past year, that I never would have dreamed I would know in this lifetime. I apparently missed out on the dinosaur phase as a child and now I guess I am making up for it. I never thought I would be able to tell you that Allosaurus means “different lizard” and that Pteranodons are not dinosaurs, but pterosaurs. And apparently the Brontosaurus never really existed, but the Brachiosaurus and the Diplodocus did. Mind blown.



Emma and Kolbe developed an extreme fascination with these extinct creatures and it even carried over to Joshua and their cousin, Joe. I am pretty sure Joshua’s first sound was a dino roar. “Dino Dan” and “Dinosaur Train” are their current favorites…that basically have lasted ALL year. And thanks to my mom keeping all of our old VHS tapes, “The Land Before Time sing-a-long” is a favorite when we are visiting their house. Excellent soundtrack, by the way, especially when played over…and over…again….

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There were many blessings from the past year, including the birth of our niece, Clare, and Emma starting Kindergarten, but dinosaurs actually rank up there as well!

Why do I consider my  kids love for dinosaurs a blessing of 2013? I love how this love/obsession has brought my kids together. All three, yes even Joshua, play dinosaur games for hours with their  figurines. They dig for fossils in the backyard and have discovered many rocks, I mean dinosaur bones.   They love to sit and explore books on this subject together.  And thanks to Dr. Scott the Paleontologist from “Dinosaur Train”, Emma and Kolbe decided to be paleontologists for Halloween.
Random lady at Target: What are you going to be for Halloween?
Kolbe:A paleontologist
Lady at Target: (shocked) Oh, well, my son is just going to be Jake from Neverland Pirates.
Yep, I was beaming with parent pride. (By the way, we love Jake too.)

Two paleontologists + two dinosaurs = one Awesome Halloween crew.


Another dino memory from the past year that I love was from last month when we were in New Orleans. We went to the Celebration of the Oaks to see all of the Christmas lights. Earlier that day we saw from a distance a huge t-rex, so of course that evening we were on a dino hunt. We walked through the park and the dinosaurs were still yet to be found. It was getting late and it was so so cold. The friends we were with decided to go back to the hotel, but we were still on a mission. And finally we found the dino display on the other side of the park. We were the only ones over there and watching the kids faces light up when they saw all of the dinosaurs, especially the T-rex and triceratops, was so much fun.


And Christmas brought many more dinosaurs to our home. One of my favorite moments from Christmas morning was when the kids opened a big box from their Uncle Matt and Uncle Pete. After it was opened, Emma cried out, “It’s a paleontologist box!!!!!” And sure enough, it was filled with books and even a set of dinosaurs, dinosaur bones and a pretend dig site. The best part was that they were books and toys from Dan’s childhood. I love watching the kids play with this dig site, knowing that Dan and his brothers played with it too.

So these huge creatures have brought our family together in a very surprising and random way. And I love it. So what will 2014 bring? I don’t know, but I know the kids are hoping for a trip to a natural science museum. And I am too!


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