The Dino Dig

Life around the Johnson home has been kinda crazy lately, but yesterday we had the gift of being able to celebrate Emma and Kolbe’s birthday with a few of our close family and friends. My parents were kind enough to let us turn their beach into a dino dig site (Thank you!!) and I have to say that it was pretty awesome. It was actually a pretty easy party to throw together. Of course it helped that the venue was so beautiful and the weather was perfect. I was able to find some good deals on dinosaur skeleton toys on Amazon. We blocked off a section of the beach with caution tape and stakes and ┬áthen buried the dinos. We gave out some buckets and shovels for the kids to collect their findings and that was basically it. And they had a blast!







I think it’s safe to say that Emma and Kolbe’s dreams of being paleontologists came true. Can you dig it? (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

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