The Boys Room

I have been wanting to blog about some of the projects that we have done around the house and I thought I would start with the boys room.  The boys love dinosaurs, pirates,and  swords. They love to be outside and love to go on all sorts of creative adventures. And I wanted their room to reflect that.


Dan made the headboards.  He just bought the wood from Lowe’s along with the fence posts to use for the ends and then he stained them. The simple green and blue bedspreads are from Target, as well as their awesome dinosaur sheets.  The blankets were knitted by Dan’s mom! The dresser was my grandfather’s and then my sister had it in her college townhouse. She is the talented one who painted it orange. Needless to say I was so excited when she didn’t have a space for it anymore and offered it to me!


I ordered the arrow fabric from Carousel Designs and made a simple no-sew valance.


And I love how the Initial throw pillows turned out. Those were a Land of Nod inspiration. I bought white pillow inserts at Jo-Ann Fabrics and painted on the initials with acrylic craft paint.


Awhile ago I saw a poster like the one below on Pinterest. But with Dan’s help and Photoshop we created our own with phrases that applied to the things that our boys love.


And now time for my favorite project! I was searching for something to fill the wall next to Joshua’s bed. One afternoon we were looking for something to do and I was looking through our craft supplies and found this old canvas drop cloth that had paint stains and marks all over it. The boys love pirates and I immediately thought of a pirate map. So they helped me paint a huge treasure map on the drop cloth. It was great because there were already so many “imperfections” so I just let them have fun painting with me. And the outcome is awesome if I do say so myself.





I think it’s safe to say that they love their room. Boys will be boys, right?!



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