The Birthday Twins

It is always fun to call and make the yearly doctor check-up appointment for Emma and Kolbe.

Receptionist: What is the birthdate of your first child?
Me: 2-27-08
Receptionist: And how about the second?
Me: 2-27-10…

Yep, same birthday, 2 years apart. Well, yesterday was that special day. I can’t believe that Emma is 6 and Kolbe is 4! Where does the time go?? I know that sounds so cliche, but seriously. I am curious.

I will never forget waking up in the middle of the night in the wee hours of the morning of Emma’s second birthday with contractions and I knew she was going to have the best present ever. I was surprised because according to our due date he would be 2 weeks early. I remember pacing the living room at 3 am and in between the contractions I had thoughts like, “How will I plan birthday parties?” “As they grow up will they enjoy sharing a birthday?” “Will our further children feel left out on February 27?” etc…Crazy talk I know, and now 4 years later it is working out ok so far. Actually better than ok. Minus a few tantrums from the almost 2 year old who wants to play with all of the new presents.

That morning of Emma’s second birthday, the contractions had slowed down, so I was thinking that maybe I was wrong. And then I got out of bed. And the contraction pressure kicked back up. We had a little family party planned for Emma at 11 am. We decided to pack for the hospital but stay around as long as possible. A few family and friends arrived at party time, only to find me bent over the couch in an intense contraction. We skipped lunch and went straight to singing “happy birthday” and watched her open presents. My contractions were about every 7 minutes at this point and each time I would try to quietly put my head down and when I would come back up I would just see my husband, parents, and aunt just staring and looking extremely anxious. And I am pretty sure I scarred my then 19 year old brother. Which is probably why when we were walking out the door he said, “Well, I hope I see you again.” Awesome. Thankfully, little Emma was so happy and distracted by the company and gifts that she probably didn’t even notice we were leaving. We left at noon and Kolbe Francis arrived around 4 p.m.


Fast forward 4 years…

Yesterday was a fun day! We have a tradition of having breakfast in bed on birthdays (carried over from my childhood), but the birthday twins were so excited they jumped in our bed before we were up to make their breakfast, so instead we had breakfast in our bed. By 6:30 we had to start moving to get ready. Emma had her big Kindergarten fashion show to get ready for! This year the theme was “It’s a Small World” and her country was Sweden. Each student had to come up with a costume representing his or her country and come up with a few lines about it as well. One huge Christian tradition in Sweden in St. Lucia day, so we used that to come up with her costume and lines. And she looked beautiful…and maybe a tad bit scared!


I was a little anxious about the morning, she would have to stand up in front of parents and grandparents and the entire school and say her line. But she did it! And it was a precious program. Kolbe, Joshua, and our nephew Joe enjoyed watching it, especially with the help of multiple lollipops from Nana’s purse. There was a cast party following and then we were able to take Emma out of school for the rest of the day!

Last night we celebrated with pizza and chocolate cake and ended with a family movie night.



Happy birthday Emma and Kolbe! (And a happy birthing day to me- times 2!) 😉


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