Springtime, baby names, and conferences. Oh my.

Emma: My Mommy is going to have a baby!!
Friend’s Grandmother: Oh that is wonderful!
Emma: Yeah…but the baby will not be born until I am in the 8th grade…

Obviously Emma is super excited about a new sibling, but still a little confused about the difference between first and eighth grade. We are working on it. Priorities. I can’t believe that we are nearing the end of her Kindergarten year.  She loves going to school and is so proud of what she has learned and accomplished this year.photo 1

She, along with all of the other girls in her class are obsessed with the movie Frozen.  Recently the kids were playing outside and Emma said, “Don’t tell anyone this, but my hands are just gloves covering up my secret ice powers.” Kolbe just stared at her and a few minutes later went over to her and said, “Ummm, Emma, those are just your hands. Not gloves.”  The other day we were having a family discussion about possible names for our baby. Emma  decided to be our notetaker, which was very helpful:IMG_4508

Thought you were going to get a sneak peak at our baby name, huh. Well, I guess it’s kind of like a puzzle…and we are still trying to figure them out as well.

Kolbe is loving this warm weather (I heart the South!). We spend every afternoon out in the yard and he is usually digging or rolling around in the dirt. I am past the cringing stage and now just cheer him on. He and Joshua are learning how to play together, which is very cute to watch. photo 3

But Kolbe just lights up when Emma comes home. The other day Kolbe was out digging in the dirt and he sweetly said, “I love Emma, Mommy, I just love her.”  I love how close they are.photo 4

Joshua is almost two and looks almost three. He is into everything and loves following his siblings around. We are still working on getting him to talk more, but he is so sweet and he observes everything around him. He is very much a mama’s boy and pitches a fit every time a young woman ( a possible babysitter)  walks in the door.  One time I had to leave him while he was mid-tantrum banging his hands and head on the floor. But the babysitter survived. And so did he.photo 2

Dan’s stretch of working 5 out of 6 weekends in a row are finally over!  It was so awesome to have some down time this past weekend and the kids loved relaxing with their Daddy. IMG_0007

And now we are super excited but also anxiously awaiting and  preparing for the One Faith One Family Conference– which is less than two weeks away!  (Yes, I am now going to take a minute to promote and advertise- it’s my blog and I can write what I want!) For over a year Dan has been planning the first ever family conference in our archdiocese. The main goal of the weekend is to bring the Church family together to celebrate the blessings that God has given our archdiocese and the good things that are going on around us. Our archbishop is going to be speaking about his vision for our local Church and the other speakers will be speaking on evangelization and the family. There will also be a ministry fair with over 30 local ministries and info about how to get involved. I am very excited about the activities available for the kids, which I have been helping to plan. The will be busy doing crafts, playing games, jumping on air bounces, and learning about the faith in a fun way! So basically there is something for everyone and plenty of time for families to spend time and create memories together.  So if you live in the Mobile Archdiocese…Please come! and BUY YOUR TICKETS AT THIS LINK! It is going to be an awesome weekend and a wonderful thing for families to do together during this Lenten season.

One more fun little announcement…we will hopefully find out the gender of our sweet baby on Friday…so be looking out for a fun reveal and a new Belly Buds post! So I’ll be back soon. And to those who live near me- I will see you April 4th and 5th! 😉



  1. Love this- so glad to hear you left Joshua mid tantrum, I am pretty sure that is what I am doing this Friday because I am NOT taking Lucy with me to the store again while the babysitter is here because of her screaming, she will be fine. Can’t wait for the next belly buds with you!

  2. If I lived closer to Mobile I would love to come to the conference! So proud of Dan, I hope it is amazing! And of all the names Emma wrote, I’ll go with Gas Mage, hahaha. Can’t wait for my kids to start writing!

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