Roses and Humility

So yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year and I usually build it up way in my head and expect it to be a great day. I published this post yesterday morning- and just so you don’t think that we always have it together… let me tell you about the some of the  “roses” I was sent yesterday…

The day began at 5:30. Joshua was ready to get up, he knew there was much fun trouble waiting to be made. I went and checked on Dan, he was still asleep, so J and I went back upstairs, made breakfast, I got ready, got the other two up and ready, and then took Emma to school. I wanted to go to Mass and I was excited because Emma’s class was going to be at Mass too. So the boys and I sat in the back and they did pretty good until Kolbe whispered that he had to go number 2, so the 3 of us rushed to the cry room and Kolbe went potty…but he took for-ev-er and decided it was the perfect time to tell me all about the difference between a T-rex and Spinosaurus.  I could hear the Mass going on and knew we were about to miss Communion, meanwhile Joshua decided it would be fun to bang on the bathroom wall, which I pretty sure could be heard by the rest of the congregation. We did make it out of the bathroom in time, but I am sure I was red in the face an flustered. Rose of Humility #1.

Once back at home (after I treated myself to a speciality coffee) we went and checked on Dan. He had a fever and hot flashes and was exhausted. He said he didn’t get much sleep the night before and just needed some time alone to rest and sleep. I was bummed because I had wanted to spend time with him and the boys. Bummer man, he delivers. Rose #2.

Kolbe left his chocolate milk out, which of course Joshua found and he managed to spill drops of it stretching across a huge section of the cream-colored carpet. So I then spent a good 15 minutes scrubbing that carpet and thanking St. Therese for rose number 3.

Lunch time rolled around. Dan didn’t want anything, so I just reheated some leftovers and ate with the boys. After lunch, K and J were playing and then K ran into J, which upset J and he was screaming crying and he got so worked up about it all, that he threw up his lunch all over me. #4.

After lunch, I took Joshua to run some errands and then picked up Emma from school. Once we were home, I checked on Kolbe who was happily cuddled up with a half asleep daddy, watching a cartoon. And I was a little jealous. As I turned to go upstairs, Dan yelled out “Sweetie,” I turned back around and he said as sensitively as possible, “There is a rip in your pants.” And sure enough there was a huge rip going down along the entire back pocket of one of my favorite pairs of pants. I don’t know when the rip occurred- but Publix is known for their hospitality so they probably wouldn’t have said anything anyway…Roses 5 and 6.

 I ran upstairs to change and then I heard Dan cry out “Lauren” in that panicked tone that no one ever wants to hear. I ran to the stairs and Joshua was standing at the bottom surrounded by broken glass and my injured husband had jumped from the couch and threw himself on the floor, trying to get a hold on Joshua so he wouldn’t cut himself. (And thankfully there were no injuries for the baby or the daddy) At that point I was shaken up and close to losing it. #7


 I had planned on cooking a special dinner and then wanted to make cupcakes with the kids. But because of the day I was having, I was already worrying about the mishaps that could possibly happen and I was also just tired. So Chickfila saved the day, the kids were thrilled and so was I. I got the kids in bed a little before 8. Dan was finally feeling better, so I was excited to cuddle with him and watch a show together. By 8:30 I was sound asleep and drooling- I know this because Dan was kind enough to tell me when I woke up.  #8.


I do have to say that the “roses” I mentioned above were coupled with sweet moments too. Like when I saw Emma walk in the church with her class and she had the biggest smile when she saw us. And once Emma was home from school, all three kids cuddled together in my bed and watched a movie together. And  Dan had roses delivered to house, in honor of the feast and also as a “thank you” for serving him since his surgery.  #9-12.


So really, looking back on it, it was a pretty good day, considering today started with my  15 month old waking me by pouring a glass of water on my face. And then I heard Emma crying out, ironically, for water and found out that she had a 103 fever.  So here we go…just another day in the life. And I love it.


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