Little Words

Kolbe: “Mommy, I think for Christmas I want a volcano…a volcano that explodes red dinosaur blood…and bones.”
Lauren: “Oh, alright, that’s normal.”

After watching her first school pep rally:
Emma: “I think I want to be a cheerleader when I grow up. Watch my new cheer! Give me an A! Give me a B! Give me a C! Give me a D!….
20 letters later
Give me a Y! Give me a Z! What’s that spell???”

One afternoon, I decided to try out a new exercise video. Because I am in excellent shape, I had to stop and take a breather.
Emma: “Mommy, the people on the video didn’t stop, why did you?”
Lauren: …….
Humility at it’s finest.

While playing hide and seek:
Kolbe (with a very concerned voice): “I lost Emma…I lost my sister Emma…Emma!??…Emma are you home????”
I guess he still doesn’t quite get the concept of the game… 

After dropping Emma off at school one morning:
Kolbe: “Whew, it’s a hard, hard day.”
Lauren: “And it’s not even 8:00 yet…”

Kolbe’s first words to Joshua one morning:
“Oh hi sweet tart! It’s norning! Oh you silly little goober! Time to go play!”

While waiting in the van, while Dan ran in to the store for something:
Emma: “When is daddy going to be back? I hope he is not captured!”
Kolbe: “Yeah…it’s spooky in there.”
Lauren: ??

Kolbe (whispering): “Mommy, I have a secret…Dinosaurs poop.”
In case you were wondering

A conversation between Emma and Kolbe after picking Emma up from school:
Emma: “It’s not good to talk to strangers.”
Kolbe: “What is a stranger?”
Emma: “Strangers DO NOT love God.”
Kolbe: “oh. we love God.”
Emma: “But Aurora met a stranger named Prince Philip and then they fell in love and got married.”

Another conversation between Emma and Kolbe:
Emma: “Today we learned about the Mayflower.”
Kolbe (very interested): What’s a mayflower?!”
Emma: “It’s a ship, like a sailboat, from a very long time ago. And people lived on it, instead of in a house.
Kolbe: “They lived on a boat? AWESOME!”
Emma: “Yes, they were going to a new land and they were called ‘pogrims’. And they saw Indians!
Kolbe: “They went to Neverland?”
Emma: “No, silly!”
Kolbe: “But Indians are in Neverland!”
Emma: “Yes, but they were also in this new land and they helped the pogrims. One nice Indian was named Squanto.”
Kolbe: “Look at the birds in the sky!!”
And she lost him.

One night at dinner:
Emma: “Sometimes I think about how this world is just a show and that the dinosaurs are really real. Like we are going to disappear in 40 minutes…”
The rest of us:…….
Deep thought for the day brought to you by Emma.

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  1. The sibling interactions are so fun! :0)

  2. love them all!!

  3. Hahaha this is great!!

  4. Aunt Jeanne

    Love their responses! So glad you are recording them for others to enjoy!

  5. Those just made my night, our kids would have a total BLAST together. Miss you!!

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