Little Words: Volume 1



Lauren: “Almost time for bed- you can play for 15 more minutes.”
Emma: “Could we play for 100 more minutes?!?!”
Lauren: “No, just 15.”
Emma: (sad face) “How about 10?”
Lauren: “Ok.”

Lauren: “Kolbe, it’s time to go.”
Kolbe: “I don’t want to, babe.”

Dan: “Hey Kolbe, it’s time for a bath.”
Kolbe: “Not yet, babe.”

Kolbe to Joshua: “Oh hi there little sweetie.”
Kolbe to Emma: “You are a sweetheart.”
Kolbe to Joshua: “Oh you little goober.”
needless to say Kolbe is great at picking up nicknames.

Emma: “Is that a grilled cheese?”
Kolbe: “I don’t want a grill cheese, I want a boy cheese.”
Emma: “There is no boy cheese. Grilled cheese is for everyone.”
Dan and Lauren:……

Emma: “Why does Daddy have hair on his legs? Why do we have bones? And why do we get bug bites?”
That thought process makes perfect sense.

Dan (while fixing something on the computer): “Ugh, what the heck?!”
Kolbe: “What the heck? What is a heck?”
Dan: ….Oops.

Emma: “Last night I had a bad dream. I dreamed that Nana couldn’t talk anymore and instead she quacked like a duck.”
Sorry, Mom.

Emma was singing “It’s a hard knock life” from Annie:
“No one cares if your neck is really creepy. No one cares if you grow or if you shrink. It’s a hard knock life…”

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