Little Words (Vol. 3)

Over the past week I have started many posts and then never got around to finishing them. But I am determined to get one done today…

Dan’s knee is recovering well…slower than he would like, but healing nonetheless. As he was heading downstairs to do his exercises he called out, “If you hear any screaming, it’s just me bending my knee.” Good to know.

photo (14)

Joshua still doesn’t say very much, but he makes up for it in his actions. He still loves to put things in his mouth, like dirt and marker tips. He is also in the dumping stage. Any filled basket or bucket- beware, it is just asking to be dumped. The other night while I was making dinner, he grabbed the cumin and decided to sprinkle it all over our living room couch, which left a nice smell for a few days. Not going to be craving tacos anytime soon.

And now I will let Emma and Kolbe take over this post:

While Joshua was throwing a temper tantrum:
Emma: “I hope Joshua isn’t going to throw up. I am allergic to throw up…Daddy’s allergic to cats.”
Neither are true.

While looking at herself in the mirror:
Emma: Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?…(then in a deep voice) You, Emma.”
And that’s when I contemplated hiding all of our princess movies…

photo (10)

While playing with his cars on the floor:
Kolbe: “Crash!……CRASH!….Crash……Look daddy, they crashed!…..look they crashed!…..did you see that they crashed? Crash ….crash…..crash.”
You get the point. Life with a repetitive 3 year old is very exciting.

Said to Joshua after he took Kolbe’s car:
Kolbe: That is NOT AWESOME!!!!
Wish I could express myself like that when I find out my total at the grocery store.

Said to a friend while they were playing with Joshua:
Emma: “He is like our dog.”

After Kolbe messed up Emma’s magnet display on the fridge:
Emma: “Kolbe! You are NOT a good magneter!”
Not sure who is.

After I found them hiding in my closet with my clothes all over the floor:
Emma: “Oh I accidentally did that. Ok, maybe on purpose.”
Honesty is the best policy.

photo (13)

A conversation between my sister and Kolbe:
Kolbe: “Hey Aunt Jenn, what are you doing?”
Jenn: “Feeding Clare, she is drinking her milk.”
Kolbe: “Joshua drinked my mommy’s milk.”
Jenn: “Yes and when you were a baby, you drank your mommy’s milk too.”
Kolbe: “Yeah… when I was a baby I drank my mommy’s milk. Chocolate Milk.”
That must explain why he is so obsessed with all things chocolate. Mind blown. 

Emma: “Look, Daddy, I can climb this tree! Did you climb trees when you were little?”
Dan: “yes! In fact my nickname used to be Panther.”
Lauren: ……….???
Emma: “Well then, when I climb trees my name will be Panda Bear.”
Kolbe: “And I am T-Rex!”
Emma then tried to explain how T-Rex’s can’t climb trees.
And then I was told I could be Monkey or Brachiosaurus…and I honestly can’t decide which is the better option.






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