Little Words Vol. 2

Emma: “I can’t go to school today!!!”
Lauren: “Why not?”
Emma: “I forgot, but yesterday Kolbe kind of broke my arm while we were in the tub and it still hurts!”
7 points for a good try…


Emma: “Mommy, when will I lose my first tooth?”
Kolbe: “No! you can’t lose a tooth! Then you won’t talk anymore!!”
Emma: (Completely ignoring Kolbe’s concern) “Mommy, can I search the internet for the tooth fairy?”

While having a serious conversation about dinosaurs:
Kolbe: “Meat eaters eat meat!! And Plant eaters eat plants.”
And again: “Meat eaters eat meat. And plant eaters eat plants.”
And in case I was still a little confused: “MEAT eaters eat MEAT. And PLANT eaters eat PLANTS.”
You got it? Good



Still on the dino theme:
Kolbe: “Have you made me a T-Rex tail yet?”
Lauren: “Not yet, I have to get the materials and figure out how to make it.”
That apparently wasn’t a good enough answer
Kolbe:”You could get Daddy to help, he has TOOLS!”
Lauren: “True…”
Kolbe: “Just go axe him.”
I’d rather not.

Kolbe: “I am soooo hungry!”
Lauren: “Why are you hungry?”
Kolbe: “Because my tummy is not full.”
Lauren: “How about some goldfish?”
Kolbe: “No, those make me hot.”
Lauren: “Oh right, how about some ice cream?…”
Mom of the year

Kolbe: “Are you spore with me?”
Lauren: “Am I bored with you?”
Kolbe: “No…Spore with me!!”
Lauren: ???
Kolbe: “We have to go find dinosaurs!!”
Explore. Of course.

(This is from a few months ago, but worth sharing, I think)
While riding in the car:
Emma: “How is baby Clare going to get out of Aunt Jenn’s tummy?”
Lauren: …..thinking, driving, desperately thinking…. “Well…she is just going to push Clare out…”
Emma: …”You mean… out of her mouth??”
I will spare you from the rest of that conversation…

After saying our night prayers one night, Emma jumped out of bed and grabbed this seagull statue and said:

Dan and Lauren:…………..


Kolbe: “I don’t want to grow up….I just want to stay my normal size.”
Good thinking, buddy. I am ok with that.


  1. Love these! They are too cute.

  2. Katherine

    The things that come out of our mouths in response to what they say is almost as good. 😉 Some stuff we just never knew/thought we’d ever have to speak! 😀

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