Let’s hear it for the Boys

Mommy: What is your favorite dinosaur?

Kolbe: Giganotosaurus.

Joshua: Allosaurus.

Kolbe: No, you mean T-Rex.

Joshua: Um, no. It’s Giganotosaurus.

I love my boys. They are trouble, they are adventurous, and they so much fun. Kolbe is 5 and Joshua is 3 and they are really starting to play together. I love watching them become best buds (or partners in crime, take your pick). It is so interesting to see how their little personalities are developing and how they interact with each other. IMG_3666

Kolbe is sweet, sensitive, and pretty thoughtful for a 5 year old. He hates getting into trouble and if he is put in time-out, he will sit there, so quietly. Sometimes I forget that I put him in time-out and he will keep sitting there until I remember and go find him. He is so my child. But he also has a very competitive, athletic side to him and I love watching him play catch or kick the ball with Dan. He is very protective of his sisters, especially Faustina.


And then there is Joshua.


Oh Joshua. Let’s just say we had to go to the emergency room for the first time with this boy. Just a few days ago, he jumped off the couch and hit his chin on the corner of the coffee table. He had to get 5 (blue) stitches and he thinks he looks like a pirate.


If you ever ask Joshua who his favorite character is in a particular movie or show he always picks the villain. And just this morning he woke me up by stomping into the room, singing “How Ba-a-a-a-d can I be?”  (a big thank you to the Lorax movie). Needless to say, all of that makes me nervous. I mean, just look at his face in the picture below:


But, on a more encouraging note, he does have an obsession with hardcover books and he loves to take them off of the shelf and carry them around the house. A lot of them happen to be theology or saint books, and he calls them his Jesus books. So long story short, I am going to start praying for St. Augustine’s intercession for this sweet boy.

Alright, it has taken me 3 days to finish this post, so I am going to end it here. But my next post is going to be all about how I decorated their room, which I am super excited to share. So stay tuned!

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