Happy Advent!

Well I apologize in advance, it’s a long post, and kind of random…

First, happy anniversary Mom and Dad! !

We are have way through Advent- and I can’t believe it! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. And I don’t really have any pictures to prove it. Every thanksgiving we go to my aunt and uncle’s house in the afternoon for a turkey hunt and then there is a surprise visit from Santa. This year Emma confidently asked for a pony….

Following Thanksgiving, we, along with the Tobin family,  took a little trip to New Orleans and spent Saturday and Sunday with some college friends. 

photo (28)

We were quite a sight with all of our strollers. It was awesome! We had fun playing in City Park and that night we went to the Christmas Celebration of the Oaks and the entire time we were on a mission to find a T-rex and thankfully it was found!!



It was such a blessing to spend time with friends and to be able to laugh through the temper tantrums, throw- up incidents, and drink spills. God is good.

Every year I have grand visions of embracing the season of Advent and starting many Advent traditions…but each year I feel accomplished if we even light the advent wreath every so often. Last year our candles were left in the car a little too long and melted…gotta love the South and it’s crazy “winter” weather.

This year, Emma is almost 6 and Kolbe almost 4…so I was determined to do a better job of preparing for Christmas with a few fun (and maybe educational) Advent activities (also my “I have a Theology and Catechetics degree, so use it” guilt kicked in). Anyway, we have our Advent wreath out and we have actually been lighting it every night at dinner! And Emma and Kolbe have had fun taking turns lighting it and blowing out the candles. This week has been great because they each get to light and blow out one. Next week, with the third candle, a battle might ensue.

We also made a felt Jesse tree. I tried to make felt ornaments with the kids that match up with the daily Scripture story, but by day 5 I gave up and got smart. Holy Heroes has awesome and free printable ornaments and so that is what we are using now. Dan has been reading the stories from the Children’s Bible every night and I have to say, it’s been really great so far!

jesse tree

We also have our tree up! And 18 month old crazy boys and tree with pretty lights and ornaments do not work well together. You will notice that the bottom half of our tree is a little bare. Joshua’s favorite game is to pick an ornament off of the tree and see how far he can throw it. I mean that’s why they are there, right?? Makes sense.


After Emma got home from school yesterday I thought it would be “fun” to decorate a gingerbread house. Delusions of grandeur, I might add. We opened up the little kit I picked up at Target and found out that both roof pieces were already broken in half. So the first thing we tried was to glue those two pieces back together with the icing provided. Then we tried to assemble the rest of the house. Meanwhile the 18 month old started to climb on the table and this sweet but crazy giant knocked over the house that we were building. I moved the house to the counter and Emma asked if she could taste the gingerbread snowman that came with it, I told her yes, not  really thinking about my answer and then Kolbe burst into tears or horror because Emma ATE the snowman.

kolbe crying

That’s when I pulled out the felt, that I was no longer using for the Jesse tree, and we cut out a snowman to put on the house. Then Kolbe Picked up the roof pieces and accidentally dropped them on the floor…now the roof was in 6 pieces and Kolbe lost it again. Determined to get this house decorated and done with, I pulled out the glue gun. Forget the icing. Every bit of that house and roof  was put together with hot glue. Supermom with a glue gun. Then after dinner, I smeared the icing all over the roof and we went at it with the candy, including Joshua who kept putting the pieces in his mouth and then spitting them out.

ging house

Mission accomplished and everyone cheered, including me, while holding a glass of delicious wine.

The kids have also had fun playing with our nativity set. Kolbe likes to pretend the wise men and angels are also pirates.

kolbe and ship

He also thinks that a T-rex should come adore baby Jesus too. All creatures of our God and King…

photo (34)

Needless to say, we  can’t wait for Christmas. And my boys can’t wait for me to be done with this post! So I hope y’all continue to have a blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Love it, Lauren! Way to go!

  2. Beautiful tree! Looks like you really had fun on your trip to see the lights, too. And isn’t that what glue guns are for! I will miss not making a gingerbread house with Emma this year. :<(

  3. PS: Hope you reminded Daniel about the dinosaur in Steubenville and how it really used to irritate him and Gabe.

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