Growing Up


My Baby is all grown up and going to Kindergarten!! How did this happen?! When did I get to this moment?  Friday was Emma’s “move-in” day.  We brought her supplies, books, and nap mat up to her classroom and she got to meet her new teachers. I am sure I had “I am a NEW MOM and I am OVERWHELMED” written all over my face. And I only asked about 17 questions. Emma was quiet and then very upset when we had to leave her nap mat at school. She was anxious about her first day and I was too.

This morning she was so excited to put on her uniform and I was so excited to not have to battle with her about what she was wearing. Dan took her to school and she was happy to stay. And now here I am, sitting on the couch with just the boys. I have been a tad bit sentimental thinking about how time is going so by fast, so please bear with my ramblings…

Last night Emma ended her prayers saying, “Jesus and Guardian Angel, please be on my side. Amen.”  There are moments, like this, when I am blown away by what children say and think about. I love how honest they are and I love their simple faith. I guess that’s why Jesus said to let the children come to Him. I just finished reading the first chapter of Story of A Soul. It was so interesting to read because it was all about St Thérèse’s first 5 years of life and I couldn’t help but compare her stories to those of my kids. As a toddler, Thérèse was stubborn and quite a handful. She was the baby of the family and loved attention, especially from her older sisters. But then she wrote this about herself, “Having nothing but example around me, I naturally wanted to follow it.”  She continued to learn, grow and follow the example of her parents and siblings. Following those examples was the foundation of her path to sainthood. It was a huge reminder to me about how much our children learn from us as their parents. It is so humbling when they copy our faults and then so hopeful when they imitate our strengths.  This morning we hit a new milestone in our family with Emma starting Kindergarten. I hope and pray that our example to Emma over the past 5 years was and continues to be that strong foundation that, with God’s grace, will lead her to sainthood.

And now it is time to get off the couch and stop reflecting and take these wild boys to the grocery store…Jesus and Guardian Angel, please be on my side. Amen.


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    Hope her first day went well!

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