Good times, Great oldies

This past weekend I had the gift of having two college buddies come and visit me. It was so much fun!!

I met Allison at my freshman orientation in 2003.


We lived on the same floor in dear “Tommy Moore” and we were put in the same small group. I remember being impressed by her passion for the faith. I don’t know about anyone else, but once my parents left after moving me in to my dorm, I was nervous and worried about making friends. But thanks to a great roommate and an awesome small group, I didn’t feel alone for long.  Allison and I became fast friends, a long with a few other silly girls:


Yes, going to Walmart and having your picture taken with your college friends was a “normal” thing to do….

We helped each other get through freshman year. We prayed together, laughed lots and cared for whatever injuries might have occurred along the way:


allison foot

We had many fun adventures that first year of college, including trips to the Carolinas, Niagra Falls, and California. And then we had to say good-bye for a year. Franciscan University has a campus in Gaming, Austria and about 150 students go to study there every semester. I was headed there for the fall semester of sophomore year. Allison was going in the Spring, along with my other girlfriends (minus one who entered the Nashville Dominicans, that’s a post for another time).  So I basically had to start over and that’s when my close friendship with Vickie began.


My semester in Austria was incredible and not only did I travel across Europe, but my faith and relationship with Jesus grew deeply. I am blessed by the friendships I made that semester and the memories of experiencing places like Lourdes, Lisieux, Rome, Assisi, and Salzburg with them are unforgettable.

The hills were alive with the Sound of Music…at least we thought they were:



And then after all of our travels in Europe, we continued our fun (and our studies of course) back in Steubenville- building bridges…



Vickie and Allison were both bridesmaids in my wedding and I was a part of theirs as well. Vickie currently lives in Columbia, SC and I have seen her a few times since her wedding. She and her husband, Steve, have a daughter, Abigail,  and are expecting a baby in January.  Allison lives in Denver and this was the first time I have seen her in 3 years. She and her husband Nathan have two children, Timothy and Lily.


It was so surreal to watch our children play together, reminiscing about all of the conversations we used to have throughout college- dreaming about being wives and mothers one day. And now there we were chasing around our toddlers, getting indigestion while eating our meals from getting up for one more spilled drink, and helping them share their toys. We were remembering all of the times we went to Mass and prayed together and this time around we were up and down, inside the church and out and in the cry room and sharing cheerios. So I guess it’s not surprising that we looked forward to the evenings, after we got our  children in bed and then we stayed up way too late catching up.

In college we studied together, laughed together, pulled pranks on one another, cried over broken hearts, and giggled about boys. I considered these girls not just friends, but my sisters, who had called me on to holiness and it was so cool to see how even though we haven’t spent time together in three years, the foundation of our friendship allowed us to pick up where we left off.

Thanks girls, for coming to visit! See you next time! :)

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