Faustina Marie

It is September, the month that we expected to celebrate the birth of our fourth child, but instead we are happily cuddling her in our arms.  On Thursday afternoon, August 28, my Braxton-Hicks contractions began to pick up a little.  It was almost time to go pick up Emma from school and the boys were begging me to let them go play outside.  I know that sounds so sad, but it was the end of August in Alabama, and being over 38 weeks pregnant, I was trying to avoid the heat at all costs. Then Kolbe turned on the charm and said, “But mommy, I just want to go outside and pick some flowers for you.” Smart, little boy and I have no idea where he got that from…

So I gave in, knowing we had only 10 minutes until it was time to get Emma. Well in that short 10 minutes, Joshua decided to play a game and charge down our street laughing while his poor mommy had to run after him, yelling for him to stop. I finally caught him at the bottom of the hill and then carried him back up…still yelling, now crying, and very angry. I think that was the moment my body decided to go into real labor. Thanks, buddy.

From that point on the contractions were still very far apart and sporadic, but definitely more intense in pain. We had dinner and the contractions were still coming. My mom happened to be close by for a meeting, so we decided to go ahead and have her come get the kids.  I just had a feeling it was time.  It was weird once the kids were gone and all was quiet. We ate a snack and finished packing up, wondering if this really was it.  I was worried about getting to the hospital and it being false labor, but my worry of not making it to the hospital in time was greater. Around 10 pm, my contractions were still about 8 minutes apart, but now hard to talk through, we decided to head to the hospital.

**Just sharing a quick overview of her birth story- hoping to spare you from too many of the details.**

We arrived at the emergency room and I was wheeled up to labor and delivery. We were both excited and anxious, anticipating what the night had in store for us.  I was settled in the room by 11 and still just 3 cm dilated, the contractions were now closer together and just like I thought, they kept coming very quickly. An hour later I was 6 cm and for the next two hours my contractions were just a minute or two apart. I was grateful to have Dan by my side and for all of his love and encouragement. I decided not to get the epidural because of how quickly I was progressing. Around 2 am, my water broke and I made it to 10 cm and knew she was coming fast. We kept warning the nurses that with our last two deliveries, the boys came quickly and the doctors barely made it to the room in time. And it was happening again and as far as we knew the doctor on call was still at home. Finally, he was called to come in and I was basically told not to push for about 15 minutes- which seemed like an eternity. When the doctor arrived, I was “given permission” to push and immediately Faustina made her entrance into the world, on August 29 at 2:31 a.m.  I am one who always has to take time to process the events that are occurring around me. Dan still teases me about how I didn’t cry when he proposed. The same holds true with the births of our children, each time I am just in awe and overwhelmed with joy that I am finally holding these precious gifts… and that labor is over! I loved seeing her sweet face and head full of dark hair. She was  8 lbs 3oz and 22 inches long.  And perfect. Thank you, Lord!




My parents brought the kids in mid morning, after we were able to get a few hours of rest. It was so wonderful to see them! It’s amazing how grown up they seemed suddenly, compared to little Faustina. We had little presents for them and they knew it- I am not sure if they were more excited about meeting their sister or opening the little packages. Sort of kidding. Emma was ready to hold her sister immediately and it was such a sweet moment, she had been waiting so long and she was so proud.  Kolbe was nervous about being in the hospital room, he was quiet and just observed everything. He was not ready to hold Faustina and waited until we were at home. Joshua immediately went and sat with me, forget the baby. I had to soak up the snuggles with little Joshua, who was definitely not little anymore. And before he left our room, confidently waving bye-bye, he did give Faustina a sweet kiss.



The rest of our stay at the hospital was pretty uneventful, and I am thankful for that! We tried to rest and enjoyed our time with our youngest before heading home to our fun, but crazy household!










We were able to go home Saturday afternoon and reality hit pretty quickly… Next up: life at home with four…stay tuned!



  1. Whenever I read your posts I always have to have a box of tissues nearby. We are so blessed that our son chose you as his wife! Or better said that you chose him :>)))))! You are an incredible mother (mommy) and I love that you can express motherhood so beautifully in these posts, the serene along with the not so much! :>) God bless you! Can’t wait to see you and Faustina, and of course Dan, Emma, Kolbe and Joshua

  2. Oh my goodness, I am on the verge of tears- those pictures at the end! Oh my!! Love all of this and wish I could hold her.

    All my kids are going insane, but reading this was so worth it :)

  3. Jeanne sanderford

    Little Faustina was almost born on August 28, my Ryan’s birthday! I am very happy for you and Dan. I prayed at Daughters of Mary this morning in thanksgiving for a healthy baby for you.

  4. Meredith means

    She is beautiful! congrats!! I love when you post!!

  5. Congrats! She is beautiful!!

  6. So beautiful Lauren!!! What a blessing she is already!

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