Fall Goodness

Happy Fall! ┬áJust pretend the trees behind us are changing colors, that’s what I tend to doLife is flying by…but here are some pics of what this little fam has been up to recently.


Kolbe is not a fan of strangers, which I guess is a good thing. But he was definitely eying this lady down, no smiles from this guy. Stangers, beware.


This is when we made up the rule that we can only take pumpkins home that they can carry…kind of like how God only gives us crosses we can carry…life lessons at the pumpkin patch.


Over here, clap clap, look at the camera, clap clap, touchdown Joshua.

After the pumpkin patch, we decided to be tourists for the day and venture down to the Battleship.


I think Joshua found his calling.


Climb every mountain.


Only two ropes separated them from the bay. They seemed more concerned than mommy.


Brotherly Love.


As I was saying….

And now a few from our Dino Halloween….


Two paleontologists and two dinosaurs. Pretty awesome, I know!


The whole crew, including sweet Clare, Things 1 and 2, and Baby Boy Tobin.


So there you have it, that’s about all I’ve got for you this a.m. A pair of crazy boys are calling my name, and so is a messy kitchen.

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  1. This was so cute…I love the last photo of big sister Emma Rose! And Daniel right there with Joshua and Kolbe where he was so many years ago with his grandparents!!!! Keep these coming, it keeps me connected! Love to ALL!

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