Day by Day

It is Saturday and that fact makes this mommy so happy. It was a long week, trying to get back into routine after Christmas break. And it was so cold! I know, I know, I have no right to complain, we live in Alabama, and I have no intentions to do so, but it was cold! My kids, who have never really seen snow, were amazed by the frozen water fountains and to them it was their winter wonderland. IMG_3716

“We have ICICLES!!!…That’s almost like snow, right mommy???!”  Yep… I grew up in North Carolina and every year we would have at least two weeks of snow or ice and everything would shut down and it was awesome. I do miss that. I remember one year we had  huge ice storm and lost power for a week, but we built a fort out of mattresses around the fire place and camped out together. The street behind us had power, so our neighbors connected a few  extension cords and gave us a little power, enough to either use a space heater at night or watch a movie during the day. We probably could have stayed in a hotel, but I am glad we didn’t, it was a wonderful week spent with my family.

Speaking of my family, I got to celebrate my birthday with them on Tuesday. My birthday isn’t until tomorrow, but my brother had to go back to school this weekend so we celebrated early so he could join us.  It was a lot of fun.


This week, we also go to meet sweet baby Sebastian. Because we were contagious with flu germs, we had to wait 6 days to meet him and it was 6 days too long.

emma and seb

And then Friday arrived. Friday is school Mass day, which I try very hard to attend every week. So Friday mornings are always hectic, because we all have to eat and be dressed and then out the door by 7:35. Around 7:27 I was running around trying to find shoes and socks for the kids and then went to help Kolbe get dressed. He had just used the potty and I went in to help him and flushed the toilet. Little did I know that little action would set off a tantrum. “I wanted to flush the toilet!!!!!!” Sobs, sobs, and more sobs. I couldn’t calm him down so I gave up and went to look for the rest of the socks. Dan came out to see what the tears were all about. “Mommy flushed my tinkle!!” “How dare she!” replied Dan and then he, thankfully, calmed him down and we made it out the door by 7:40.

After we returned home from Mass, I was greeted with this:


It had been a busy week.

So while I was cleaning the above nightmare, I heard more crying coming from my bathroom. I found Joshua sitting in a puddle of toilet water and clothes soaking in the toilet. I thought we were past the toilet obsession stage, but apparently not. I pretended that he was just trying to help me by washing his clothes and then we went back to the kitchen. Kolbe was bored and wanting to play, but I was determined to finish cleaning, so I pulled a Mary Poppins and gave him a sponge. He then happily started “cleaning” any surface he could reach.

But last night Dan and I got to go on a date! We went and saw “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and it was great. I can’t remember the last time we went to the movies on a date. While sitting in the theater I was thinking back to when we were dating and the butterflies I had while sitting next to him. And those butterflies are still there. I also have to say that it was the best to get home after a fun night out to find our three children snuggled up together, sound asleep in our bed, waiting for us to return home.  So in love. God is good.

kids in bed

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