Crawl spaces and Walgreens

Yesterday was a pretty typical day for me, including making a trip to the post office — after I unloaded the stroller, strapped the boys in, and made it to the door while balancing the package and stroller and pretending to be Supermom, a “nice” lady who had been watching me the entire time, unrolled her window and “politely” reminded me that it was Columbus Day and the post office was closed. Awesome. But moments like that are pretty normal for me. But there were two moments yesterday that were a little abnormal, you could say that they qualify as my “high and low” for the day.

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Our mudroom is the “catch all” room. It is constantly filled with random stuff that I just want to hide from the rest of the house. But it drives me crazy because we have to walk through that room when leaving or arriving home. So yesterday I decided was the day to clean it out. Kolbe loved it because old toys that he “had been looking for for forever!!” were rediscovered. Once I was done, I was so excited and felt so productive. While I was making lunch, Joshua was playing in the “new” room and then he walked in the kitchen holding a bag of paint brushes to be returned to my sister that I had placed on a bench. There was also a bag of jewelry that I borrowed from her as well, and I rushed in the mudroom and that bag was gone. I know I have mentioned this before, but Joshua has a tendency to hide things…So I started searching everywhere. No jewelry. I sat on the floor and tried to think like a 1 year old. And then I saw it. An old opened vent (that led to under the house) on the wall that was previously covered up by a book shelf, but since I had rearranged everything, it was now a prime hiding space for a little toddler. Since I am a super loving sister (and would have felt really bad if I lost her nice jewelry) I grabbed a flashlight and went downstairs, to the entrance of the crawl space. The main problem with this was that I still wasn’t quite sure if that was where the jewelry was and to get to that space I had to crawl to the opposite side of the house. So I started my journey. I felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie and that huge spider was going to creep up on me at any moment. It was awful. “I kept repeating to myself out loud, “It is only dirt, it is only dirt….” But I made it all the way to the back corner and found the missing bag of jewelry. Hallelujah. Once I was out of there, I did a little victory dance and made sure to brag about what I just did to my husband. On my list of things to do today: seal up that vent for good- because I never plan on doing that again.

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I went to Walgreens yesterday (by myself!) and was waiting to check-out and a sweet lady got in line behind me and told me she loved my article in The Catholic Week. (Dan writes an article for our archdiocesan newspaper and this past week he featured my story about St. Therese.) I was caught off guard by her compliment and so excited at the same time. She said she has seen our family at church and we then talked about the story and about raising kids. Hers are now in high school and beyond and she sweetly reminded me to enjoy the phase of life I am in now, despite how crazy and busy it might seem. This conversation made my day. Once back in my van. I was reflecting on how it is so easy to just stay in one’s comfort zone and go about the business of the day. She didn’t have to say anything to me, but she went out of her way to do so and it was a blessing. So, Lynn, if you happen to ever read this post, thank you!


So there you have it- my high and low from yesterday. My low so far for today? Kolbe and Joshua are currently bringing me dead worms from the yard.




  1. Hahaha! My intention is never to laugh at your misfortunes but the post office one AND the crawl space adventure cracked me up!!! So funny!!!!

  2. This was too funny, even though at the time I am sure it was not…I can only imagine how creepy it must have been under the house! I will try to find my copy of Thundering Sneakers which Marie sent me when I was trying to keep three boys out of trouble!

  3. Jennifer

    you are a GREAT sister 😉 Thank you!

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