Little Words

Kolbe: “Mommy, I think for Christmas I want a volcano…a volcano that explodes red dinosaur blood…and bones.”
Lauren: “Oh, alright, that’s normal.”

After watching her first school pep rally:
Emma: “I think I want to be a cheerleader when I grow up. Watch my new cheer! Give me an A! Give me a B! Give me a C! Give me a D!….
20 letters later
Give me a Y! Give me a Z! What’s that spell???”

One afternoon, I decided to try out a new exercise video. Because I am in excellent shape, I had to stop and take a breather.
Emma: “Mommy, the people on the video didn’t stop, why did you?”
Lauren: …….
Humility at it’s finest.

While playing hide and seek:
Kolbe (with a very concerned voice): “I lost Emma…I lost my sister Emma…Emma!??…Emma are you home????”
I guess he still doesn’t quite get the concept of the game…¬†

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Little Words (Vol. 3)

Over the past week I have started many posts and then never got around to finishing them. But I am determined to get one done today…

Dan’s knee is recovering well…slower than he would like, but healing nonetheless. As he was heading downstairs to do his exercises he called out, “If you hear any screaming, it’s just me bending my knee.” Good to know.

photo (14)

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Little Words Vol. 2

Emma: “I can’t go to school today!!!”
Lauren: “Why not?”
Emma: “I forgot, but yesterday Kolbe kind of broke my arm while we were in the tub and it still hurts!”
7 points for a good try…


Emma: “Mommy, when will I lose my first tooth?”
Kolbe: “No! you can’t lose a tooth! Then you won’t talk anymore!!”
Emma: (Completely ignoring Kolbe’s concern) “Mommy, can I search the internet for the tooth fairy?”

While having a serious conversation about dinosaurs:
Kolbe: “Meat eaters eat meat!! And Plant eaters eat plants.”
And¬†again: “Meat eaters eat meat. And plant eaters eat plants.”
And in case I was still a little confused: “MEAT eaters eat MEAT. And PLANT eaters eat PLANTS.”
You got it? Good



Still on the dino theme:
Kolbe: “Have you made me a T-Rex tail yet?”
Lauren: “Not yet, I have to get the materials and figure out how to make it.”
That apparently wasn’t a good enough answer
Kolbe:”You could get Daddy to help, he has TOOLS!”
Lauren: “True…”
Kolbe: “Just go axe him.”
I’d rather not.

Kolbe: “I am soooo hungry!”
Lauren: “Why are you hungry?”
Kolbe: “Because my tummy is not full.”
Lauren: “How about some goldfish?”
Kolbe: “No, those make me hot.”
Lauren: “Oh right, how about some ice cream?…”
Mom of the year

Kolbe: “Are you spore with me?”
Lauren: “Am I bored with you?”
Kolbe: “No…Spore with me!!”
Lauren: ???
Kolbe: “We have to go find dinosaurs!!”
Explore. Of course.

(This is from a few months ago, but worth sharing, I think)
While riding in the car:
Emma: “How is baby Clare going to get out of Aunt Jenn’s tummy?”
Lauren: …..thinking, driving, desperately thinking…. “Well…she is just going to push Clare out…”
Emma: …”You mean… out of her mouth??”
I will spare you from the rest of that conversation…

After saying our night prayers one night, Emma jumped out of bed and grabbed this seagull statue and said:

Dan and Lauren:…………..


Kolbe: “I don’t want to grow up….I just want to stay my normal size.”
Good thinking, buddy. I am ok with that.

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Little Words: Volume 1



Lauren: “Almost time for bed- you can play for 15 more minutes.”
Emma: “Could we play for 100 more minutes?!?!”
Lauren: “No, just 15.”
Emma: (sad face) “How about 10?”
Lauren: “Ok.”

Lauren: “Kolbe, it’s time to go.”
Kolbe: “I don’t want to, babe.”

Dan: “Hey Kolbe, it’s time for a bath.”
Kolbe: “Not yet, babe.”

Kolbe to Joshua: “Oh hi there little sweetie.”
Kolbe to Emma: “You are a sweetheart.”
Kolbe to Joshua: “Oh you little goober.”
needless to say Kolbe is great at picking up nicknames.

Emma: “Is that a grilled cheese?”
Kolbe: “I don’t want a grill cheese, I want a boy cheese.”
Emma: “There is no boy cheese. Grilled cheese is for everyone.”
Dan and Lauren:……

Emma: “Why does Daddy have hair on his legs? Why do we have bones? And why do we get bug bites?”
That thought process makes perfect sense.

Dan (while fixing something on the computer): “Ugh, what the heck?!”
Kolbe: “What the heck? What is a heck?”
Dan: ….Oops.

Emma: “Last night I had a bad dream. I dreamed that Nana couldn’t talk anymore and instead she quacked like a duck.”
Sorry, Mom.

Emma was singing “It’s a hard knock life” from Annie:
“No one cares if your neck is really creepy. No one cares if you grow or if you shrink. It’s a hard knock life…”

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