Belly Buds {volume 1}

Ana and I met our freshman year in college and then somehow ended up as roommates, sophomore year,  during our semester studying abroad in Austria. The first few weeks were pretty awkward because we barely knew one another, we were put on a quiet hall, which none of our other friends were on, and we were also trying to get used to life far away from home. And then one beautiful afternoon we decided to go on hike (which was actually more of a walk) on a mission to find a waterfall in the Austrian Alps.  By the time we returned from our little adventure I think it is safe to say we were best buds and inseparable after that. One other huge blessing from this friendship is that she was the one who introduced me this guy named Dan Johnson/ my future spouse. Now that’s an awesome friend.  We were in each other’s weddings and now we are both pregnant with our fourth babies, due within two weeks of one another. She writes a hilarious blog about her adventures in motherhood called Time Flies When You’re Having Babies. She is so real and honest in the way that she writes and if you have never read her blog before, please click on over, she is sure to make you smile! 

Recently Ana had the brilliant idea of writing a joint post, comparing bellies and sharing details about our pregnancies. It is really just a selfish way for us to stay connected since we can’t get together for play dates on the regular (or not at all), but we hope you might enjoy them too!  So without further ado, I present:





+ Best/Worst part of this pregnancy so far +

Lauren: The best part about this pregnancy so far is that the time is flying by because life with three children and a husband keeps me moving for sure. And regarding the latter, Dan’s schedule for most of my first trimester was crazy busy. He was out of town many weekends and when he was in town, he was working late and not able to take any comp time because of all that is going on at work. So the worst/ hardest part has been missing him and his help at home. The exhaustion and nausea that pregnancy brings was not on my side the past few weeks either.

Ana: The best part has been being able to drink coffee the whole time. I don’t really like it like I used to, but having one cup in the morning to wake myself up helps immensely and I hated it so much with the other three that I could not even smell it, so this has been an improvement. The worst part is how long the nausea is holding on for. I should not complain because I have it way, way easier than so many ladies, but it will certainly be nice when I feel normal again.

+ Biggest difference between this pregnancy and the others +

Lauren: I haven’t really noticed many differences between the pregnancies physically, it all kind of blurs together for me anyway. One huge difference just in general is that Emma is 6 and Kolbe is 4! I have two helpers who can do little things around the house to help me, which is awesome. Of course they are not perfect and most of the time their rooms are a mess (along with the living room) but when I say its time to clean up- they do (sort of)! And if their tired mommy needs to prop her legs up, they will bring her some water and you can’t beat that. 

 Ana: The biggest difference I’ve noticed is the cravings. Give me salads, fruit, and a hearty deli sandwich but do not come within 50 feet of me with McDonald’s unless you want to be gagged at. This is completely and totally the opposite of my other 3 pregnancies, which were all fast food, all the time. I like this one better.

 + Weirdest craving so far +

Lauren: I don’t know about weird, but I think about chicken burritos a lot. Yes, I am pretty excited that a Chipotle is opening in Mobile soon…

Ana:  Still the asparagus. No one else likes it and so I ate almost the entire bunch by myself in one evening. Needless to say my bladder sent out reminders of my binge for at least 24 hours. It was great.

 + Biggest food aversion so far +

Lauren: Seafood. Which kind of stinks when you live near the Gulf and when you typically love it. One night I decided to make shrimp for dinner. I made the mistake of buying whole shrimp that still had to be peeled and deveined. Not smart. Thankfully, now that I am moving into second trimester, this aversion is fading away.

Ana: Eggs. I am just now coming around to them a little, but the smell of them cooking is as bad as the smell of coffee was for the other 3 girls, and I could not even come close to eating them for at least the first 13 weeks.

 + Most ridiculous thing you’ve cried over so far and the story behind it +

 I have been contemplating this question for awhile. I was stumped- and not because I haven’t cried over anything ridiculous, but rather whenever I cry it is always about something ridiculous. The other night we were all watching Mary Poppins together. It was Kolbe’s first time to watch it and so I was already choking up when he started giggling while watching the chimney sweeps sing “Step in Time”. And then when “Let’s go fly a kite” came on, the tears started flowing…and they wouldn’t stop.

 Ana: I have cried during an absurd amount of children’s’ books so far. I am almost done reading Charlotte’s Web with Naomi, we’re not even to the part where Charlotte dies yet and I already started getting choked up while reading today. That and crying over weight gain. What can I say? I’m a vain one. The tear fests have just been so frequent this time around, more so than with the other pregnancies. I feel like I have one day each week (usually Saturdays??) where I wake up and just know I will be crying most of the day. Over what? You name it, I’ll cry over it.

+Favorite clothing item so far+

Lauren: The little black jersey maternity dress I am wearing in the picture above. I picked it up at Target on a whim about a month ago and I am pretty sure I have worn it to Mass every Sunday since. I just wear a different cardigan or necklace and call it a new outfit. Just don’t tell anyone.

Ana: Tunics and leggings, all of them. I think my favorite tunic was this little black number from TJ Maxx, and my Just One terri fleece leggings were my go to, but now they are falling down a bit too much. I have yet to find a good pair of maternity leggings, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I do. Recs are welcome!


Well, that’s all for now. But don’t worry…we will back in a couple of weeks…with a Gender Reveal!!!


  1. Love this and can’t wait for the next volume!!

  2. I just came over from Ana’s blog (after a stop at the Target website to hunt down and purchase that black dress!) I was thinking the other day that a great black dress would be a great maternity staple – thanks for concurring and modeling a great one :)

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