Babies and Snow

Yesterday I was out of the house most of the day and once 4 pm hit, I had no clue what to cook for dinner. I decided I didn’t want to cook and thought, since it’s Friday night it would be fun to all load up in the car and meet Dan for dinner. And, well, I really just wanted a Moe’s chicken burrito. Let’s be honest. We normally eat dinner around 5:30 and we didn’t get to the restaurant until 6, so the kids were hungry and pushing whiny. Once we finally got through  the line and sat down to eat, Joshua lost it. He started to throw his chips on the floor. I tried to distract him with a juice box, which he then grabbed with both hands and squeezed very hard, like he was determined to drench his mother in apple juice. Meanwhile Dan was off getting napkins and the rest of our drinks. Thankfully the older two were very pleasant and happy to eat their dinners. I took two huge bites of the dinner I had been craving and came to the conclusion that I could  either 1. scarf down my entire dinner while Joshua cried and then leave with heartburn or 2. walk him outside for a minute to calm him down and then hopefully be able to enjoy the rest of my dinner. So I went outside for about 5 minutes and he seemed fine. Walked back in and he started screaming again. He is normally very easy going, I was not a fan of this new attitude. Dan was rushing to finish his meal, so he took Joshua out the their patio, set him down and he just started running around in circles, laughing and if could talk he would have been crying out, “Freeedom!”



Dan then motioned to me from the window to come join him, so Emma and Kolbe ran out there to meet him and I cleaned up the baskets, and took my half eaten dinner outside and finished on the cold, but empty patio where all three could run around wherever they wanted. Needless to say Dan and I left with indigestion and he then happily added, “Well, good news! This will be much easier with four!”

And speaking of four children, if you missed our announcement on Facebook, here is the link to a video Dan made about our exciting news.

I am about 8 weeks a long, but we just told our kids this week. It was so much fun. Emma, being almost 6, really understood our news and loves talking about the little baby. She loves to just walk to me and put her hand on my stomach and say, “hello baby!”.  It is so sweet. She also really wants a sister, so we had to start talking about God’s will for our family and so on…she seems to now be open to the idea of another brother, so that’s good. The other morning I was sitting on the couch with Kolbe (who is almost 4). He had just woken up and was cuddly and quiet. Then he said, “Mommy, I don’t want a baby boy anymore….I want Emma to have a baby girl.”  It is so sweet how much he loves and looks up to his big sis. He is such a sensitive little guy, oh I am already nervous about watching him as a teenager. Future heartthrob, girls watch out.


This past week was a wild one for the south. A few weeks ago we took the kids to see “Frozen” and afterwards Emma was asking so many questions about snow and when would it snow here. I had to be honest with her and say that where we live, we will most likely never get snow, or at least snow that will stick to the ground. But I promised her that one day we would travel to go see snow. Well this week she was out of school for three days because of ice and snow. Our yard was a winter wonderland and we went sledding on our street.


It was quite comical attaching us try to find warm clothes for them to wear. We didn’t have appropriate shoes, gloves, clothes, nothing. But we made do and they had a blast.  They got to throw snow balls and build a snowman, a tiny one, but a snowman nonetheless. I still sort think I made it all up in my head. It was crazy, but so much fun!


Emma had one day of school yesterday and now here we are on Saturday, with little evidence left of the ice. And today we have a high of 64? Gotta love the South! And I really do!

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