The Boys Room

I have been wanting to blog about some of the projects that we have done around the house and I thought I would start with the boys room.  The boys love dinosaurs, pirates,and  swords. They love to be outside and love to go on all sorts of creative adventures. And I wanted their room to reflect that.

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Mommy: What is your favorite dinosaur?

Kolbe: Giganotosaurus.

Joshua: Allosaurus.

Kolbe: No, you mean T-Rex.

Joshua: Um, no. It’s Giganotosaurus.

I love my boys. They are trouble, they are adventurous, and they so much fun. Kolbe is 5 and Joshua is 3 and they are really starting to play together. I love watching them become best buds (or partners in crime, take your pick). It is so interesting to see how their little personalities are developing and how they interact with each other. 

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It was a typical crazy morning in the Johnson household. We were all running around getting dressed, eating breakfast, making lunches, etc. Emma had field day at school, so she was extremely excited and ready to leave for school earlier than normal. It was also First Friday, so there was a school Mass which I wanted to take the rest of the kids to. Dan had a meeting that morning, so he went ahead and took Emma and I continued to run around the house looking for diapers, keys, and one lost shoe.

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We’re still here.

I was looking at my last blog post and was amazed by what has occurred in our family life since then. It’s been 9 months and during those nine months we decided to put our house on the market, sold our house, bought a new house across the bay, Emma and Kolbe switched schools, and we got a dog.

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Unsung Heroes

I know it’s been awhile since I blogged, but we are still here, and loving this wonderful and chaotic life we have been blessed with. I decided to visit my little blog again this morning to share about my family’s new ministry (and Dan’s new job)! Almost a year ago, a conversation started with my parents and siblings about the possibility of creating a new company- one that created video projects that spread the message of the good, true, and beautiful. We wanted  to do our part to help bring light to our culture today.

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