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New school year, new job, and not so patiently awaiting a new baby…just a few things going on around the Johnson home these days. Recently, I decided to visit my blog, which I actually haven’t done in months, and as I scrolled through the stories and pictures, I became very sentimental about how quickly our children have changed and I was  sad that I had stopped documenting our little family life. So with all of the newness going on in our lives, naturally I thought it was the perfect time to start blogging again.




A NEW school year. I can’t believe that Emma is now in first grade and Kolbe is in 4K.  I was a little bit of a basket-case every time I thought about having two children gone at school every day. I was really struggling with the the thought of taking Kolbe in on his first day. He is my sweet, sensitive, and shy- but tough guy. I was already having restless sleep, thanks to child #4, but my anxiety about school starting did not help make it any better.


When the dreaded morning arrived, all were up early and so excited, minus mommy. Kolbe was excited to be like his big sister and join her at school. They were all (including sweet Joshua) dressed and had shoes and backpacks on by 7 a.m.  When the two big kids left with their Daddy at 7:26, poor Joshua screamed and cried. It’s no fun to be the one left behind. But then when he found himself sitting on his mommy’s lap, watching Mickey Mouse, he realized this being left behind thing wasn’t so bad after all.  Meanwhile, Dan walked the older two to their classrooms. They went to Emma’s building first and after a quick kiss, she excitedly ran in. When Dan and Kolbe arrived at the pre-school building, Kolbe walked right in his classroom and confidently waved good-bye. Poor Dan, that was not the emotional farewell that he was expecting.


Emma and Kolbe are both loving school, they are still at that point where they are excited to get up and go in the mornings. And we have been surprisingly early each day, we will see how long that lasts. Kolbe loves his class and new friends, although he still doesn’t know any of their names. Yesterday they all made crowns and he told me that the girls thought the boys looked silly when they wore their crowns. He was obviously working through that one. Last week he kept coming home with little toy prizes and I was starting to get concerned that we had a little kleptomaniac on our hands…but thankfully when Dan asked his teacher about it, we learned that they really were prizes earned during the first week of school.

By the end of Emma’a full day, she is worn out and not in the best of moods, but a snack and some time to rest on the couch seem to help. She loves walking Kolbe to his classroom and is so proud to be a first grader. However, she is not so excited about the homework she now has every evening. I don’t blame her.

And little Joshua is getting better at waving and yelling out “Bye Ma and Be” when they leave every morning.  And I am enjoying some quality time with him before his world is rocked with the arrival of his baby sister!

I know I also mentioned a new job and waiting for the new baby…those updates will have to wait for another post! Stay tuned.


  1. So many exciting things :) love you all!

  2. love this, love it all. can’t wait for the next post!!!

  3. I just can’t imagine Emma and homework! Just yesterday she was learning to color and draw stick people! :>) They do grow up so fast, why look at my little Daniel!!!!

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