Welcome to Living Little!  I am a Catholic wife and mother just imperfectly living life one day at a time…and loving it.

Meet Dan:


The leader of this growing family.  He stole my heart with his good looks and charm, I won his heart with my chocolate chip cookies. He is an amazing husband and father and I am one lucky woman to have him in my life. He is also the one who helped me design this blog and encouraged me to write it and for that I am super grateful.

Emma Rose:


Emma is 7 and is lovingly called ‘Princess Beautiful’ by her daddy. She rules over her brothers and is pretty fair most of the time. She loves to put on plays and definitely has her own unique sense of style. Emma would be a mermaid and swim all of the time if she could.

Kolbe Francis:

kolbe in bay

This cute kid is 5. He loves dinosaurs,  race cars and basketball. His favorite food is chocolate and he has to eat everything on a blue plate or drink from a blue cup or always wear a blue shirt.  At least he know what he likes, right? And I heart his sweet smile.


Joshua David:


He is 3.  He is still off the charts for his height and just stomps around from one place to another. Joshua does his best to keep up with his siblings. He is silly and loves to make all of us laugh. He dreams of being a pirate. Obviously.

Faustina Marie:


Sweet Faustina is almost 1. She is so chill and is entertained by watching all of the craziness around her. She is crawling and climbing. And her favorite thing to eat is whatever crumb she can find on the floor. So yummy!


And finally there is me- who obviously loves to bake cookies, watch Emma dance, dig for bones with Kolbe, sword fight with Joshua, and cuddle with Faustina.  I also love to paint  and enjoy doing little projects around our home.   And I look forward to sharing dessert  with my husband once the kiddos are asleep.

 I also love St. Therese of Lisieux and I am drawn to following her little way.

 So this is me and my family…trying to live little.

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