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I am currently sitting with the kids as they devour their ice cream bars and I am pretending that Joshua is not “painting” the table with his. The time is 6:09 and we still have about an hour until I can start the bedtime process…so while Mickey and friends entertain them, I thought I would blog a little about Johnson baby #4.

(quick pause at 6:11 to clean up the ice cream masterpiece)

I am so grateful to be almost 13 weeks along with this little one. The nausea is now pretty much gone, but the exhaustion, well I am pretty sure  that never goes away.   I am an “early bird”, so I am already tired at night, but with pregnancy and chasing 3 kids all day, I am pretty much out on the couch  (and probably drooling) every night by like 8:30. The random mood swings have also gone into effect. The other day we were at Emma’s Kindergarten fashion show program and I caught myself tearing up when they were singing their final song- “It’s a Small World”….????  Definitely did my best to cover that one up, Dan would have never let that one go. The most difficult pregnancy symptom that I have been dealing with so far are the varicose veins in my right leg. They have gotten worse with each pregnancy, so this time around I had to pull out the oh so attractive compression stockings by 7 weeks.  But I am totally ok with putting my vanity aside for these stockings because they are incredible and make a world of a difference.

Emma and Kolbe are so excited about the baby coming. It has been fun reading aloud from my pregnancy book about how much the baby grows each week. Emma especially loves the pictures and tries to guess how big he or she is. Kolbe likes to draw pictures and then tell me it is for “the baby in your tummy.” And we are still working on the concept of time with both of them. Weeks, months, and years often get interchanged and I feel like we have the conversation about when the baby is coming almost daily.  Patience is a virtue… (And I typing that for me!)

Ok, that’s about all I have to say for now. And wouldn’t you know, it is 7:00! And yes, those tiny paragraphs took an hour to compose with some spills and other needs thrown in between. Good night!



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  1. Hi Lauren, your blog and family are so sweet, thanks for sharing! I linked up over here after reading Ana’s blog about your pregnancies. I went to FUS as well and think you may have graduated when I was a freshman. I’m also pregnant, and going on 17 weeks. I had a related question to this post for you but couldn’t find your email on the site, if you wouldn’t mind using my email to respond? Thanks!

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