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Linking up with Conversion Diary for 7 quick takes about the first week of school and other things…

1.  First, I have to say, that I am thankful for my husband’s help in designing a new blog. He has so much else going on with his job, and it means a lot…and I am lost without his help. Over the past few weeks, I have texted and called him multiple times concerning the blog and how something went wrong. And he is always super patient and I appreciate it. Should I say it again? Thanks, sweetie.

2. Emma is enjoying Kindergarten. She said that she actually falls asleep at nap time, she likes to eat snack, and she would like to buy chocolate milk at lunchtime. During dinner we were talking about our days and Dan was telling a story. Emma started to interrupt and so he asked her to wait until he was done, just like she does when she is at school. She listened and waited her turn. A few minutes later she asked for some ketchup. I had already jumped up multiple times to get extra napkins, more rice, etc., so Dan asked Emma why she couldn’t get up and go get it. And she didn’t want to. When he asked why, she responded by saying, “Well at school I have to stay in my seat and you asked me to act like I am at school.”  She is quite the clever one…and just like her Daddy.

3. Kolbe is a very polite little guy. He is usually very good at saying please and thank you. He also doesn’t like to get in trouble. You could say he is more like me. Let’s back track for a sec…a few years ago when Emma was learning to talk, Dan thought it would be funny to teach her to say every time she passed gas, “excuse me, I pooted.”  She would say it every once in awhile, but it never really caught on. Well, Kolbe, on the other hand, thinks it is something that you have to say. He takes it so seriously that he will yell it out and let everyone know…like when we are in the car, at the store, or at Church. My favorite is when he is in the bathroom and I hear his little voice cry out, “Excuse me, I pooted!!” Thank you, Kolbe. And thanks a bunch, Dan.

4. One night this week, Emma brought out 4 colors of nail polish and asked me to paint her fingernails in a pattern. And then I had to go into an explanation about why she is not allowed to wear nail polish to school. She hasn’t wanted to paint her nails in weeks, why did she all of sudden want this during her first week of school? Later she explained that she wanted to look prettier than all of the other girls. Then we had to have the “we can’t break the rules” and “nail polish is not what makes one beautiful” and “every girl is beautiful” conversation all in one sitting.

5.  While we were having this in-depth conversation, Joshua walked over and was eating a cookie…that he found by rummaging in the trash can…great.

6. It’s moments like that when I want to go back to this: IMG_2666

7. The above picture is from a few weeks ago. Dan and I were able to go on a 2 day beach getaway. It was wonderful. That’s the longest we have gone away together since our honeymoon,  6 years ago. I was so excited, I packed like 10 different outfits because every meal and outing would be like going on a different date. And I had to have options!  Our favorite part of the trip was when I pulled out my old journal from when we first met and started dating. I had never showed it to him before and it was such a gift to read it together. I had written out the details of our first dates, conversations we had, and prayers for our relationship. Things we had both forgotten. We left our little vacation more in love with one another and couldn’t wait to get back to our children.

Now on that sentimental note, I am done. Happy Friday!

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  1. wahoomama87

    I love that you shared your journal with him! What a neat idea!

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