7 Quick Takes

Joining Conversion Diary once again.

1. Joshua has started a trend of waking up every morning around 5:15. Not super thrilled about this trend, especially when the older brother gets woken up too. But it is extremely hard to get mad at this little face, so I guess the odds are in his favor.

photo (1)

2. Dan is 8 days post-op and he is doing well, but recovery is taking a lot longer than we both thought. I took him to the doctor yesterday for a check up. His staples were not ready to come out yet, so we have to go back in on Monday. Gross, I know, at least I will spare you a pic. But everything else is good and he was told he could now start to bear weight on his left leg. We have a mini-van and the only way Dan can currently fit in it is to sit across the entire middle section, pushing the three kids to the third row, and making me the chauffeur for the next few weeks…

3. My parents picked up the kids yesterday and took them to their house…for the entire day! It was weird to be home and not have them there, but kind of awesome at the same time, considering the past few days had been like this one…Thanks, Mom and Dad! I was able to care for Dan, and rest some myself. We both took an afternoon nap…which never happens. I also spent an hour painting, something I enjoy but also rarely get to do. My most recent painting was for Dan and it  is inspired from a picture from our honeymoon…and I was pretty excited about how it turned out!

photo (2)

4. Emma woke up on Wednesday with a headache and high fever.  She still had a low fever yesterday, but seemed to be in good spirits, so she also went with my parents. Last night  around dinner time, her fever went up again and she was complaining that her neck hurt when she would turn it or look down. I immediately started worrying about meningitis and considering her previous symptoms, Dan had similar concerns. (thankfully we were wrong) We could have waited to take her to the pediatrician this morning but I knew I wouldn’t sleep and we just wanted to be cautious, so we decided we should take her to an urgent care. Next we had to figure out the game plan…which took about 20 minutes. Both boys would stay with Dan, despite his injury. I made bribery bags of M&Ms and all of the boys went downstairs and we blocked off the stairs with a couch. (You would think we would have a gate at the bottom of the steps by now…) Right after Emma and I left, Dan realized that his phone had fallen out of his pocket and was upstairs. So he had to move the couch while juggling Joshua, trying to escape, climb up the steps with help from his crutches, find the phone, carry a screaming Joshua, while sliding back down the steps, and moving the couch back in place.  (Where is that baby gate??) After 2 hours at the urgent care, we found out that Emma’s throat was infected- it wasn’t strep, but it was extremely red and yucky. So good news, considering. We were finally home by 10.

5. We had a little visit from some cousins last week and the kids had a blast playing dress up- too cute not to share!

photo (4)

photo (5)

6. A few weeks ago we got rid of cable and have joined the world of Netflix and Hulu. We love it! And I really love not having that awful cable bill every month. The day after Dan’s surgery, Joshua decided it would  be a good idea to hide the remote for the t.v. in our living room…so that was last friday…and it meant we couldn’t watch any t.v. in our living room…which I guess was good for the kids…maybe not for me. I searched and searched for the remote. It was NOWHERE. I started to think it got thrown away. And then last night it was found! Joshua was sitting by the pantry  and he pulled the remote out of the Rice Krispie treat box…of course it was in there…

7. Happy Feast of St. Francis!!- especially to our Holy Father….and my fellow FUS alums and current students, as well. Oh and Happy Friday!! The end.


  1. Jennifer Martin

    great post!! what a wild week yall have had! but you survived a week… the hardest week! We are of course praying for you all every night!!

  2. wahoomama87

    We don’t have cable either – have you looked into getting a Roku device? It connects to the TV and streams Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and a bunch of other “channels” right to the TV through your Wifi. We love it!

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