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Linking up with Moxie Wife to share my 5 Favorites of the week. (And please pardon my huge pictures- I am new to wordpress and still figuring it all out…and I am lost without my husband’s help…)

Moving on to my favorites:

1. Emma in her uniform.

I mentioned this in my previous post, but I love how easy it is for Emma to get ready in the morning before school. No more battles about if her clothes match or if the skirt is too short because she wore it when she was 3, etc. And she loves the uniform! Of course we are only on day 2…12 more years to go…

IMG_2819 family portrait

2. Pork Tenderloin with Brown Sugar Garlic Glaze.

I stumbled upon this recipe a few weeks ago and it is now one of our favorite dishes. It is delicious and so easy to make. The combination of the spice rub and the glaze on top is delicious!


3. Dirty Rice.

I made this side dish with the pork last night for dinner. This recipe is my mom’s “go to dish” and now it is mine. It is probably my favorite side dish of all time. And here is the simple recipe! (so you college girls, you know who you are, who are now living in your own apartment, you should try this one!)

Bake at 350, uncovered, for an hour.

dirty rice

4. My striped hallway.

About a month ago, Dan was chaperoning at a Steubenville Conference and one afternoon I was motivated to do some sort of house project. The plain white hallway caught my eye and I decided to paint horizontal stripes. My sister had done it in her entry way and Sheena had painted stripes in her girls nursery and I thought I should be able to do a tiny little hallway…and about 6 hours later, with some  junk food and tv bribes for my kids, it was done!  And I LOVE it!


5. My new home binder.

Recently I broke down in tears because I felt so unorganized. I was late on some bills and I couldn’t keep up with the paperwork, I kept losing things and the mail would pile up on the counter. Dan was so sweet and brought home a new colorful binder and lots of inserts, folders, & pockets to hold everything from current bills, checkbook, stamps, a current calendar and all of Emma’s school info. It has been so helpful, a little thing, but definitely a favorite. I also got a few tips and some free printables from iheartorganizing.blogspot.com


So there you have it- my 5 favs for the week- no go check out the others! Happy cooking, painting, and organizing 😉 Now I am off to chase a bare bottom one year old…he is a favorite too.


  1. wahoomama87

    Ooooo – thanks for the pork recipe. I buy a lot of those pork tenderloin packs from Costco, so that will be an added way of cooking it.

  2. Jennifer

    I loved wearing my uniform during 12 years of Catholic school – so simple to get ready for school each morning! What a lovely picture of your girl.

    And your binder looks fantastic – I’ve been meaning to put one together, but just haven’t. I think that you have motivated me to get that done.

    I made my way here via the 5 Favorites link-up, and I look forward to reading more in the future.

  3. Natalie Grabowski

    I think that was my plaid in grade school!

    Ok I admit it I am a college girl and I will have to try that recipie sometime!

  4. I am now making your mom’s dirty rice for the second time, and bringing it to friends I love it so much. Thank you for posting it!!

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