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It’s funny, three weeks ago I was impatiently waiting for Faustina to arrive, feeling very confidant as a mother and not worried about the transition from having three at home to suddenly having four.  I wasn’t expecting all of the growing that would take place during Faustina’s first two weeks at home- and by growing, I don’t just mean our sweet newborn. Dan was able to work from home the entire first week, which was an incredible gift.  He took over all of the errands, school drop offs and pick ups, and chores around the house. Needless to say, I shed a few tears when he actually had to go back to the office. He still found ways to spoil and encourage me by bringing me specialty coffees throughout the second week and he tried to be home whenever he could. Love that man.

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Emma’s prayer for a sister was answered and she definitely loves her. She loves to try coordinate her outfits with her and loves to play little mommy. In many ways, Emma has stepped up in the way she helps around the house and that has been awesome, but, she has also been working through the changes that having a newborn brings.


It’s hard for a six year old to understand why we can’t join her friends at the local high school football game, or why I can’t volunteer during her school lunch wave, or why we won’t let her have a friend over during these next few weeks. Faustina is messing with her social life and she is not liking it!  Oh the drama and tears…we were not prepared for that. Last Saturday, Dan decided to take her out on a date. They went to the mall and had ice cream and they went to Claire’s per her request. I think Dan, who had never once been in that store before was just a tad bit overwhelmed, but they left with a Frozen necklace and bracelets, and Emma felt like a princess.


Sweet Kolbe seems to be the one who has adjusted the best so far. He loves loving on his baby sister. I love listening to him talk to her- I just can’t handle the cuteness, I mean just look at the picture below.


Every time I pull out my Boppy pillow and go to sit in my rocking chair to feed her, Kolbe makes a beeline toward the chair as well. He loves to sit by her and hold her hand. And when I let him hold her, he has the happiest little grin on his face. And when I don’t let him hold her or if Emma gets to hold her first, oh the tears. More drama and tears.  Earlier in the week, Kolbe started to get a little cold and cough. I immediately got paranoid and protective of our newborn, so Purell and Lysol spray became my new best friends. Kolbe was so distraught over not being able to hold her for the following 24 hours.

And then there’s Joshua, who is still undecided about our newest addition. He will go over to her and sweetly kiss her and then…


…he will make a face like the one below and that is the face of trouble.


One of the most common questions parents with newborns get asked is about how well the baby sleeps. For us, that is not the issue, the question should actually be how is the 2 year old sleeping. And Dan would reply, that he is not and Dan would know because he has taken over the Joshua shift, who has been waking up crying multiple times throughout the night, every night. Once again- so many tears, from both Joshua and Dan (not really Dan).  Thankfully, he is finally starting to sleep better. Also, Joshua’s vocabulary has exploded. Our little (but huge) guy went from being quiet to very expressive.  And I love it, even when he comes running in our room, full of energy, at 4:45 a.m. yelling “Mommy!!”  letting me know it’s time to get up.


So, yes, the kids world’s have been rocked a little bit. And Dan and I have faced some new parenting challenges. But despite the tears, the long nights, early mornings, and the social life sacrifices, we have  had many wonderful blessings throughout Faustina’s first two weeks at home. We have been able to spend quality time with family, especially with Grammy, Papa, Nana, and Pops.  We have had special visits from cousins and friends. Treats and gifts have been given to all. The best gifts, though, have been the moments of time we have spent together as a family of six, like sitting around the dinner table, snuggling on the couch watching t.v., or gathering on one of the kid’s beds to say our bedtime prayers. Those moments definitely outweigh the tough ones and those are the memories I will continue to treasure.

And now I will end on that somewhat cheesy note because I have been working on this post for about a week and it is past time to hit publish. But first, one more precious pic of the babe.



  1. Marie Johnson

    feel like I have been there!The pics of the kids are wonderful and you have the gift of writing so that we feel a part of your life! Nanny

  2. Priceless stories and precious pictures!!! One-stop shopping for a grammy!!!! Thank you…don’t know how you found the time. Tell Emma how proud grammy is that she is being such a grown up big sister and helper!

  3. Forgot to say, you need to get Dan to photo shop polish on emma’s toes!!!!!

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