The Boys Room

I have been wanting to blog about some of the projects that we have done around the house and I thought I would start with the boys room.  The boys love dinosaurs, pirates,and  swords. They love to be outside and love to go on all sorts of creative adventures. And I wanted their room to reflect that.

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Mommy: What is your favorite dinosaur?

Kolbe: Giganotosaurus.

Joshua: Allosaurus.

Kolbe: No, you mean T-Rex.

Joshua: Um, no. It’s Giganotosaurus.

I love my boys. They are trouble, they are adventurous, and they so much fun. Kolbe is 5 and Joshua is 3 and they are really starting to play together. I love watching them become best buds (or partners in crime, take your pick). It is so interesting to see how their little personalities are developing and how they interact with each other. 

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