Little Words

Kolbe: “Mommy, I think for Christmas I want a volcano…a volcano that explodes red dinosaur blood…and bones.”
Lauren: “Oh, alright, that’s normal.”

After watching her first school pep rally:
Emma: “I think I want to be a cheerleader when I grow up. Watch my new cheer! Give me an A! Give me a B! Give me a C! Give me a D!….
20 letters later
Give me a Y! Give me a Z! What’s that spell???”

One afternoon, I decided to try out a new exercise video. Because I am in excellent shape, I had to stop and take a breather.
Emma: “Mommy, the people on the video didn’t stop, why did you?”
Lauren: …….
Humility at it’s finest.

While playing hide and seek:
Kolbe (with a very concerned voice): “I lost Emma…I lost my sister Emma…Emma!??…Emma are you home????”
I guess he still doesn’t quite get the concept of the game…¬†

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Potato Delivery

I was sitting on our front stoop and watching the boys quietly dig in the dirt. They each had their own holes they were working on and they were in their own little worlds. My attention then turned toward the house across the street. A sweet elderly couple lives there. The wife is not able to get around very well and spends most of her time at home. The husband is retired and spends his days loving and serving her. At this particular moment he had pulled into the driveway and he slowly got out of the car and then walked to the passenger side and picked up a bag of groceries, a Chick-fil-a bag and two drinks. He walked up to the front door and once the door was opened, I heard him say, “potato delivery” and then the door was shut. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched this little moment and reflect on the gift of marriage.

Two weekends ago, Dan and I had the opportunity to go on a retreat. Just the two of us. With no kids. Dan needed to attend for his job and since it was a retreat geared towards married couples, me joining him was kind of a must.

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Weekends and Weddings

I love the weekends, especially when Dan doesn’t have any work events that he has to be at. This past weekend we got to have lots of family time and it was such a gift.

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Fall Goodness

Happy Fall! ¬†Just pretend the trees behind us are changing colors, that’s what I tend to doLife is flying by…but here are some pics of what this little fam has been up to recently.


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