Dear Joshua David

Dear Joshua David,

You are 14 months old and oh so good at it.


You are very busy, very determined and definitely keep your mommy on her toes. You love being outside and have learned how to open the front door, which now remains locked all of the time. You love to help me in the kitchen by opening the dishwasher and pulling everything out. You also like to turn off the the oven while I am in the middle of baking something. Thanks to you, I have learned that if we ever get a new oven, the touch screen will not be accessible to little fingers. Your new favorite thing to do is to throw toys behind the fireplace screen, a wonderful hiding place if the screen wasn’t see through.


Bathroom doors must always remain closed because of your love for playing in the toilet. I know water is so fun to play in and it is just your size, but later on you will understand why this is a no-no.  You are also in the middle of teething and have a constant runny nose. By the end of each day my shirt is covered in snot stains. On a more positive note, you have a really good arm and yesterday you chucked this toy at me and now I have a lovely battle wound right in the middle of my forehead.

lowly worm 2

Oh Joshua David,

you are a little stinker. But you sure do love life.


You want more than anything to keep up with your brother and sister. You love trying to play with them and think they are the silliest people in the whole world. When Daddy gets home from work, your face lights up and you run to him as fast as your chunky little legs can. And you are a mama’s boy. Despite the snot stains and battle wounds, you know how to show love and your smiles melt my heart. And when you cry because of a fall, you quickly stop once I pick you up. I LOVE it when you throw your arms up, wanting to be held and then collapse on my chest, at peace in my embrace. I think about the feeling I have in that moment and how it must be  like how our  Heavenly Father feels when we hold up our arms to Him.

I have just begun reading Story of A Soul again, and in the first chapter St. Thérèse wrote this about little children,

“But He created the child who knows only how to make his feeble cries heard…It is to their hearts that God deigns to lower Himself. These are the wild flowers whose simplicity attracts Him.”

Thank you, sweet Joshua, for teaching me how to remain little. When I lower myself to hold you and love you, that is what God desires to do for each of us who cries out to Him.  I love you and I am so thankful for the gift of you.


Love Always, Your Mommy

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The Grocery Store Workout

I know I have plenty of opportunities to go to the grocery store when Dan is home and I could go by myself and actually be able to think. But of course I never do. I always wait until Monday morning and we are out of milk and eggs. So then I make a list, check the weekly deals, finish my list, load the kids in the car, prepare them and ask them to please help me and please listen and if the race car cart is not available please please please do not pitch a fit because it will all be OK.  Then as we pull up to the store I realize I have forgotten my list and I have to go in and wing it, plus try to keep the kids happy and calm. Thankfully, Emma and Kolbe like to help and put things in the cart for me, but sometimes that means we end up with some  random cans of spam at the check out.

Oh the check out…here is some documentation curtesy of Emma:




I know every parent with young children can relate to this wonderful, fun and never exhausting shopping experience. And there really is no point to sharing this little post except for that fact that today is Monday. And I have to go to the store. And I am procrastinating. The end.

one more selfie



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Living Little

I have always considered myself a simple person, an introvert, and very shy around new people.  How I ended up being a cheerleader in high school is still a mystery to me. I have always loved my Catholic faith and because of my simple heart, I have always had a childlike faith. My freshman year of college I was first introduced to the story of St. Thérèse of Lisieux. I was at Franciscan University’s orientation and one of the sweet girls on the team invited me to join her at her household’s Lord’s Day (A household is kind of like a Christian sorority). The household was called the Little Flowers and their spirituality was all about following the little way of St. Thérèse. So the following Saturday  I hesitantly took her up on her invitation and attended my first Little Flowers Lord’s Day celebration.  I remember walking in and feeling overwhelmed by all of the girls standing around laughing and talking and so excited to be there together. Then we all sat around the room and read the following Sunday’s Gospel and then we each shared what we were thankful for that week. I was inspired by the community and the sisterhood that they shared.  I loved meeting my future sisters and I was drawn to their joy and obvious love for this little saint that I knew nothing about. I am pretty sure later that week I went and bought her autobiography, Story of a Soul and that fall semester I found the little way and have been trying to stay on that path ever since.

I really could relate to her simple theology and love for God. Her heart was beautiful and I wanted to be more like her. So now here I am, exactly 10 years later, trying to live out the vocation that God has called me to. Being a wife and mother definitely has its trying moments and I fall and make mistakes all of the time. I struggle with finding a prayer routine and I often think back to how easy it was to grow while in college and I often think why is it so hard now?  I have given myself a goal to reread Story of a Soul with the eyes of a young mother. I hope to share my thoughts along with stories of my crazy, messy and often funny kids.



“But I will look for some means of going to heaven by a little way which is very short and very straight, a little way that is quite new […] It is your arms, Jesus, which are the lift to carry me to heaven, And so there is no need for me to grow up. In fact, just the opposite: I must stay little and become less and less.”  -St Thérèse

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